Service Center interest view

The interests of customers first, to meet the interests of customers is the premise of our common interests to sustainable development, maintain the balance of interests, the interests of enterprises, shareholders, customers, employees, partners and society to satisfy.

Sense of worth

The full value of the company comes from knowledge, capital, and the labor of highly qualified staff. On the basis of contribution, ability, responsibility and work attitude, the value distribution should be carried out through the principles of objectivity, impartiality and sustainable development. By means of combining the distribution according to the capital and the distribution according to work, the value distribution shall be realized in the form of development opportunities, powers, wages, bonuses, bonuses and other forms of welfare treatment.

View of talents

Good companies cultivate and attract good employees, and good employees make the company better. We strive to create conditions for talent to come to the fore. Employing the principle: ability of both, with the director.

Management view

Management objectives: make the best use. Management principles: scientific decision-making, authoritative implementation, and institutionalized management. Management points: scientific planning, specifying, and rigorous procedural control.

Competition view

Regard competition as the key to keep the vitality of enterprise development. Provide fair competition opportunities and adopt a fair selection criteria.

people oriented

People oriented management thinking, respect and appreciation of their employees, is the implementation of people-oriented management of the basic conditions. Human management is actually strict management and emotional investment.


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