• Name: LED lights rapid development, the formation of alternative energy-saving lamps trend

In accordance with the plan to eliminate the incandescent road map, from October 1, 2014, China has banned the import and sale of 60 watts and above ordinary lighting incandescent. In the near future, "the elimination of more than 60 watts incandescent analysis", the China Lighting Association Liu Shengping said that due to the rapid development of the lighting industry, there have been many new situations and new problems should be given high priority. Promote "improved LED lights" and other solid-state lighting as the representative of the efficient lighting products, will be the future development of incandescent lamp alternative products in the general direction.

A few years ago, China mainly through the promotion of energy-saving lamps to replace incandescent, in the national policy and financial support, the incandescent industry to achieve rapid transformation, energy-saving lamp market has also been rapid development, and achieved remarkable results. "At present, in China's second and third tier cities and the vast rural areas, although there are still some consumers in the use of incandescent, but in northern China and other major cities, in addition to some of the hotel's combination of crystal chandelier is still in use, 60 Tile, 40 watts of incandescent lamp has been basically disappeared. "Liu Shengping said.

"From the current market situation, the energy-saving lamps have just become the mainstream market products soon, LED lights and the rapid development of LED lights have become a substitute for the trend of energy-saving lamps." Ten Lai Mao (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Said that for the rapid development of LED lights situation, the state should promptly adjust the relevant industrial policy, the LED industry to give strong support.

Energy-saving lamps usually refer to compact fluorescent lamps, coated with phosphor, filled with liquid or solid mercury, through high-frequency high-pressure to stimulate mercury vapor, and mercury vapor impact of the phosphor to light. Energy-saving lamps can be about 15% of the energy for light, luminous efficiency than incandescent lamp has been greatly improved.

LED is a light-emitting diode, in the power will occur when the phenomenon of electronic transition and cause photon emission, directly issued red, yellow, blue, green, blue, purple, white light. LED lighting products is the use of LED as a light source manufactured lighting equipment. LED is known as the fourth generation of lighting or green light source, more energy than energy-saving lamps, but the price is also high. As technology continues to progress and the scale of production continues to expand, the current price of LED lights dropped significantly, has been close to the price of energy-saving lamps.

"The current price of LED lights than the energy-saving lamps, naturally, has become the main push products business." Beijing intelligent space days Junjun general manager Chen Xuguang introduction, energy-saving lamps in 2013 or the main push products business, to 2014, LED lights Actually has accounted for a lot of business sales of more than 90% of products, change is really too fast.

The current sales of LED lights, mainly used recently won the Nobel Prize in Physics Blue LED technology, that is, through the LED chip issued by the blue light, projection to the LED light bulb built on the yellow phosphor, so that the formation of white light mixture. "Now for the 'blue LED lights' improvements are also carried out quickly, by eliminating the drive, sapphire substrate, and even appeared only a chip will be able to light the 'integrated light source'." National Semiconductor Lighting Industry Leading Group Office Advisor An Lan Po said, should let consumers understand "what we should use the lights."

"From energy-saving lamps to LED lights or other new light sources, and then to the miniaturization and intelligent direction, lighting products become more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, comfortable, consumers have more choices, this is a good thing." Said that in the long term, vigorously promote such as "improved LED lights" and other solid-state lighting as the representative of the efficient lighting products, will be the future development of incandescent alternative products in the general direction, but also consumers choose the direction of new lighting products.


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