• Name: Analysis on the Development Report of LED Lighting Industry

In the global economic integration of the development environment, China's lighting industry more and more into the international market. Electric light source increasingly efficient lighting, energy saving and environmental protection direction; lighting more attention to process design, product quality and brand efficiency. In the global market, lighting lamps account for about two-thirds of the total market. Lighting exports account for about 45 to 50 percent of China's total output.

2014 industry-wide sales will exceed 500 billion yuan; is expected to export products will reach 40 billion US dollars. This year, the lighting industry has undergone significant changes, with the LED lighting technology matures, the product cost is rising, a large number of lighting and consumer goods market, the traditional lighting products caused by pressure, the formation of the shift of the situation, making the traditional lighting products In the market a comprehensive decline. This trend will continue in the next period of time.

The national lighting manufacturers tens of thousands of national exports of LED lighting products amounted to 7000; the top 20 enterprises accounted for less than 30% of total exports. China's lighting products exported to 218 countries and regions, the top 20 countries and regions accounted for about 75% of the total.

In the US market, the US financial crisis is basically over, new home construction and sales with double-digit growth, lighting business for nearly two years continued slow development. Compared with the functional lighting, the United States decorative lamps more dependent on housing decoration, especially new home sales. Indoor home designers are very important for the recommendation of lighting products. And China's professional lighting market is different from the United States more than 90% of decorative lamps in the home market (home shop) sales. So some large-scale lighting sales company is also a large lighting vendors.

In addition, the UAE market throughput, but the majority of middle and low lighting products. Products are mainly sold to the Middle East and some African countries.

Industry threshold is low, the number of enterprises, the market competition and so become a significant feature of China's lighting industry, but still has a huge space for development. At present, China has become a major producer of lighting products, many international businesses; enterprise product design, process technology, performance and quality significantly improved; the domestic market has yet to be developed, especially in the central and western regions.

It is worth noting that small and medium enterprises have product characteristics. For example, the size of the Italian lighting enterprises are not big enough, hundreds of enterprises mostly, however, the Italian brand of the world famous brand, a hundred years a lot of brand enterprises.

At present, some enterprises through some action to make up for their own deficiencies, such as hiring overseas designers to the country; set up in foreign countries, buy design works; or try to acquire, shares foreign lighting companies and so on. (China Lighting Association, chairman)


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